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Buy now one of the nicest and most complete ecommerce platforms. The cs-cart versions came to meet all the needs of a demanding e-commerce. Read about all of its features and why not start today with your new eshop on a cs-cart platform!

Multi Stores & Multi Vendors
The Platform has been built to be able to host many eshop together. you can imagine that you will manage a Mall that will have many branches together and your customer will be able to choose the products they want from each store by putting them in a shopping cart with a checkout! It is a very powerful platform with full management and statistics for each store it hosts.

Shops will be able to combine discounts as well as promotions. They will be able to operate autonomously but also in combination. The Administrator will be able to choose how you want to make payment from each store. You have the option of a fixed charge and a percentage of sales.

Payment methods
Our company has been designated by Cs Cart as Authorized Reseller for Greece. This has also helped us develop beautiful tools that will be useful in Greek e-commerce-competition data. We have found solutions for interconnection with all the Greek banks and not only because we now have ready solutions for several banks in Bulgaria as well as European ones. Without forgetting Paypal and Vivapayments, which are also very popular in the Greek market.

Shipping methods
The platform gives you the ability to adjust metaphorically both by weight and by volume. This is a very important tool for the needs of an eshop.

Once you have completed the installation of cscart, you will see that it has around 6 preinstalled themes. See all 6 and choose what suits you best. Not in colors because they change. . choose based on the layout. Any customization in the template is, of course, possible and the code is open source.

The basic platform can be expanded with the help of addons. Add-ons are extras that unlock even more features.

Order System by Vendor
Unique ordering system that gives the manager the ultimate control. Order statistics, order processing and ordering situations to instantly inform your customers.

Filters & Organization
Cscart has the ability to add filters, options, and brands to your products. Proper organization and ease of finding your products to your customers will result in more sales. So organize your products by color, size, etc.

Optical Processor
The customization of colors, font, logo, and background with cscart is a very easy task and does not require HTML or CSS programming knowledge. All this can be changed by a handy Control Panel.

SEO Tools
CS-Cart has all the necessary and modern tools to make you find high on the search engines. You can configure SEO names, meta tags, sitemap, 301 redirects, canonical URLs, Google rich snippet support, and many other tools that with the right management can be distinguished from your competition.

One Page Checkout
Ease of payment. We have gathered in one page all the information that the customer needs to complete in order to make the purchase - payment. As we said above, all of this is done on one Order Checkout page, reducing the derelict baskets without any delay, even satisfying even your most impatient and rushed customers.

Order Stats & Easy Login with Google Analytics
The platform features preinstalled tools to connect to Google Analytics & Enhanced Ecommerce, as well as direct statistics viewing through the management platform.

Live Template Editor
Σας επιτρέπει να κάνετε άμεσες αλλαγές σε όλα τα αρχεία του template μέσα από το περιβάλλον διαχείρισης.

Embedded Layout Editor
Easily and quickly with your mouse you can convert the look of your cscart. You can change the appearance to all templates individually.
Homepage, Categories, Product Page, Checkout Page, and many other page templates.

Advanced Product Search
Your customers will quickly and easily find all the products from all stores with just one search.

Create a Mini eShop for all Vendors
Each Vendor can create his own online store in the Mall and add his own logo, his own description, his own products and his own product filters.

Comments & Ratings
Customers can comment on every product and store. This is very important because it helps us to better control the stores we host.

Account Information per Vendor
Each Vendor can see his online cashier, see real-time sales statistics, and look at statistics from the previous month or even the previous year.Ο κάθε ένας Vendor μπορεί να βλέπει το ηλεκτρονικό του ταμείο, να βλέπει στατιστικά πωλήσεων σε πραγματικό χρόνο καθώς και να ανατρέχει σε στατιστικά του προηγούμενου μήνα ή ακόμα και του προηγούμενου χρόνου.

Manage Accounts Vendors

Manage all stores, products, categories, filters and options, Create additional managers per Vendor, Create different pages per Vendor, Different forms of communication, different shipping modes but also a different language display. The Administrator has the ability to import or export the products and orders of all vendors.