Create Website

Our great experience in creating all the necessary conditions for the safe hosting of a website on our servers has made us aware of all the necessary actions a website needs in order to be quick, friendly and competitive for your business sector.

A presentation website nowadays is important to have a responsive template and a very dynamic picture of the services or products of the company it represents. In order to do this by conducting research into your competition, we guide you to set up your website, we will explain to you what tools are necessary for the promotion that you will need in the future. Finally, we create a friendly environment for your customers so they can navigate easily and quickly to buy a product or even to show interest in your service.

During construction, we are very careful with the code we use to make the SEO of your page friendly and much more enhanced by your competition. This will help you in the future to get a much better ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, etc

For success, the success comes when our graphic designers take over the artwork. At this point, it is advisable not to cut ... let us create a separate template that will show you a beautiful image of your business and at the same time be easy to use for your client to navigate easily to the information you are interested in.

So if you are interested in the innovation and constant updating of our services and you would like your own website to be up to date and with the experience, Hosting Hosting Support call us at 210 9409900 or fill out the contact form on our website.

As an example, the packages for presentation websites start at € 750. Of course the above prices are an indicative price for most businesses but according to your requirements the price may change.

* The above prices do not include 24% VAT