CS-Cart Support Credit 25

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Support credit for Cs Cart!
With these credit we can fix any problem. The credit symbolizes the time when our technician can deal with the problem that has arisen.

The 10 Credit = 1 Technical Support Time

At the time appointed by our technician before starting work on your website. In this way you will know beforehand what our work will cost. Support packages are the following:

1 / Credit Package 25 = 2.5 Hours of technical support
2 / Credit Package 50 = 5 Hours of Technical Support
3 / Credit Package 75 = 7.5 Hours of Technical Support
4 / Credit Package 100 = 10 Hours of Technical Support

In case you want to do more than 10 hours you can buy 2 packages, one of 100 and another one of 25.

If our technicians see that a problem is solved in 30 minutes then you should buy the smallest package and use the corresponding credit. Credit is not lost. Anything that is left over from the work we do is usable next time.

Many of our customers choose larger support packages to ensure better prices. The larger the support package, the greater the discount you are entitled to.